Dwinex Sheet Metal Limited

WEB BANNER 1There are countless companies around who offer fabrication and sheet metal services. So why should you look at DWINEX Sheet Metal Ltd as a possible manufacturing partner?

We have all the latest high-tech equipment for punching, cutting, folding, welding, and a high-tech CAD/CAM system, We have taken the time to search out what our customers really need, then taken the trouble to make certain we deliver exactly that.

The team from DWINEX Sheet Metal Ltd in Hampshire have worked within the industry for over 25 years, with ISO9001 approval, and are capable of being competitive from the initial phase of development through to production runs.

We are a modern, very progressive and forward-thinking company and are willing to adjust to any customer production requirements.

The prime objective is to manufacture efficiently, whilst focusing on delivering unrivalled quality, flexibility, and reliability. Along with very competitive prices.

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